Tribe Of Why is a travel company organizing themed parties around the world for change.

Our tribe is made of a community of visionaries who want to celebrate change and actively support local communities working on it.

Party with the world's top founders, artists and creators. We throw wild parties themed around global goals to raise awareness, raise joy, raise funds and raise our vibrations!

We know joy transcends everything. We see change as a celebration. Being an Entrepreneur can be hard, we know the challenges and we want to give you a joyful way to create impact. From day parties in the desert, to night parties by the beach, we create wild experiences that instantly make the tribe family: Once in the tribe, forever family: We open doors for each other, no questions asked. 

Our themed party experiences are designed to support global goals around the world and support the amazing people working day and night on making this world a better place.

From Education to Climate change or water awareness, each themed party is made with love to accelerate change, shed light on global goals initiatives in each local community, engage more people and raise funds for the best initiatives.

Welcome to Tribe Of Why.

Where we make the world better one party at a time.




Party around the world with some of the world's top entrepreneurs and creators. The tribe is family, we open doors for each other, no questions asked.



We love global goals, we also love to dance, we love a good laugh, we love to share joy and spread kindness around like confetti. We engage the world in a joyful  way with the advancement of the global goals.




 Through each themed party: We accelerate change, promote kind business and raise awareness and funds. For each party attended, a local project receives funds and a network.