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We make fun-filled courses and adventures for Creativity-starved humans who are ready for something BIG to Shift.

To the Tribe, creative living is sacred. Maybe you feel that way, too (but it’s been so long since you’ve created, you don’t know where to start).

Ugh. Life feels square enough as it is.

Toss in your inability to have real fun creating a life you love and it just feels like another area where you fall short. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! Shifting towards a life you love doesn’t have to feel so far away… You CAN weave it into your current life until it becomes your new life; and you’ll see immense benefits when you do!

  • Better thoughts

  • Better habits

  • Better commitment to yourself (how many times did you say you'll start today?)

  • An optimistic outlook (priceless in these times, #amiright?)

  • Deeper connections with all areas of your life

Yeahhhhh. Breathe into that for a second.

Since 2014, our tribe shift courses, shift travel , webinars (with the tribe, we're woke!), and group mentorship have supported thousands of people in healing, building creative confidence and boldly designing the life they dream of. Lives that feel like YES instead of meh, maybe, or nope.

It really is possible.
(And, it’s gonna be fun!)

This isn’t “normal” self-improvement work… It’s way more more playful + effective. Our classes are a life long journey designed to cater to the various stages of your shift towards a high-potential life: full of introspection tools, simple rituals, mind heart and habit shift practices and transformative travel with a like-minded tribe or solo: so you can prove to yourself how gooooood shifting life can be.

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