We help you let go of the patterns and habits holding you back. (It’s so much less scary to do this when you’re not alone!)


We’ve got a question for YOU, dear one:

Does who you are on the inside match your life on the outside?

A few years ago, my answer to that question was NO. That was when I turned down McKinsey and a great life in Paris to become fully aligned with my true self.

That NO was painful (as you know). But, it IS entirely possible to drop your bad habits and (kindly) leave behind mis-aligned choices! I am living proof of what happens when you dare to say YES to your right life and NO to everything else.

Clarity + Courage = Alignment

Though my life isn’t perfect, it IS perfect for me. I have the clarity, depth of relationships, incredible tribe from across the globe, and soul work I used to imagine (but didn’t believe was actually possible).



Hi, I’m Mani. I started to dismantle my life the second it got "great": . I’d just had the job others wanted in Paris, an offer from McKinsey, a flat by the Eiffel Tower, and a desk job that got me depressed. I was an artist since I can remember but life got in the way. I started questioning whether I could really tell my 50k friends/readers to “go after their dreams” if I wasn’t really pursuing mine. So, I set out to wholeheartedly discover what brought me joy and listen to what my soul had to say. Eventually, I left the life i've built for others to admire and started building the life I wanted to admire. It meant I had to shift my mind, heart and lifestyle.

But because I’ve embraced my inner worlds, I’m blessed with incredible clients, friends, plus a more-connected-than-ever global tribe on the same journey as myself. Balancing a full-time purposeful business and continuous research between science and ancient wisdom is a constant dance, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s my deepest honor to guide people to create their own shift and own their life.

Curious to know more about me? 



We help people understand, implement and expand Divine Design, applied to their life, business and relationships.

Our online classes help you acquire the tools needed to shift towards the life you want (and release what you don’t). Our travel residencies are an INCREDIBLE transformation journey for humans of all genders/backgrounds to practice Divine Design and shift development and work/live remotely to physically meet the other Tribers. Our co-ed group mentorship is our secret weapon against isolation and loneliness as you embark on the shift journey: with some of the brightest creatives in the world, you'll make new friends globally and learn about their shift journey and progress. The tribers open doors for each other, no questions asked.

Most peeps begin with an online class, and expand into our other offerings to establish a sustained enjoyable life-shift, it's really a life journey thing, we get it and that's what we're here for.

Come shift  with us! It just might change your life. Get ready!

xo, Mani