On Art (Letter A, Excerpt from Alphabet)

Ode to Letter A

Art finds you when you are still. When you are a conscious recipient of unknown energies. Being still is the secret to touching what is Divine.

Marry the night. Listen to the void that people fear. The words will not come to you but through you. And maybe, the hardest task of all, is not to seek art, but to have the ambition to become it.

Your journey will start when you let others school you, teach you, tell you through their eyes and boxes who and what you are. My true learning journey started when my “education” ended. Then I was left to unlearn all the falsehoods and find my center again.

Focus on your center, do not seek anymore. Do not run after things and people. Rather become this light that attracts what is aligned with your path, effortlessly to you. Learn to let go of things you need to chase in order to ‘keep’, those things and people are running towards a path that is not your own and will never be. You may end up running after them for a long time and realize in the end just how far you need to travel back empty handed.

Do not define yourself by any numbers, status or gender. Those are dangerous over-simplifications that once you believe, you lose sight of who you are. You are unique, a wonder, a mystery. Learn to delight in revealing these hidden worlds in you. Be so obsessively busy that the outside perceptions only fall at your feet.

Love fiercely or don’t love at all. The only abnormality is the incapacity to love and the only flaw is to love things on the surface. Do not get accustomed to such heart-damaging habits. To hell with balance, seek edges, that is where all the secrets await.

Do not care for those who look down on dreamers — you will learn to share your dreams with profound minds only, anything else will poison your mind.
Let them seek fulfillment in saying you live ‘in the clouds’. At least they are admitting in their statement how high up you are.
Living within worlds created by our imagination, our passion and hopes and dreams has always been what drove Humanity forward. Do not simply adjust to the worlds given to you if you can not. 
Realize that within you are all the components able to create endless worlds and maybe through these worlds, others will find a home, a sanctuary. You are the hope of the maladjusted to the worldly things. So go ahead and create heavens for them.

Please accept that you can be born in mediocre times or places, but still rise above it all and be marvelous.

A Palace, no matter how beautiful, is incapable of creating one diamond on its own. But the mess of a volcano, fire and mud, can. 
You are the diamond.
Accept the mud
Embrace the fire
Walk out to your destiny.


I had feared for years
To allow this soul, so old,
to speak through me.
It seemed like a terrible idea
To have these breasts,
These hips, these lips,
this rather small body,
And yet have this tremendous world within.
I tried for years to tame this soul’s voice
so that it sounds like one of these mild women
But to hell with that.

I had fears for years
This moment, that someone reads my most naked thoughts,
and then would not know how to talk to me the next day,
when they meet me in this human shape
so transitory and so deceiving,
with my lipstick and dresses,
and a spark in my eyes that says
“do not believe her surface. Only believe her when she speaks. Only then she is true.”

So here I am,
so naked before you,
this marks the end of your imagination,
and the beginning of my Truth.

I wish the person reading this, love, creativity and joy.