The F Word: Fear.

Dear Ones,

The past year has been for me a year of learning to look at the F word in the eye: Fear.

In one year, everything that would scare me already happened. Then after fear comes anxiety, after anxiety depression and after depression — for those who stood the test, comes enlightenment.

Fear in an interesting friend, it’s like a coat we put on other emotions:

we mask excitement with fear

we mask love with fear

we mask success with fear

we mask fear with more fear.

We’re afraid of bad things and good things, until we can see it and distinguish the fear that we can use and the fear that uses us.

Fear is a liar.

Fear wants you to be safe, safe from sorrow but also from excitement, it is like a feeling-proof-coat you put over almost anything and then can go through life without actually living it.

Fear is a perfect way to miss out on ALL OF LIFE. All of you life you guys.

But fear means well, we just misunderstand its visits.

Fear wants us to sit with its discomfort and love the one in us that’s freaking out because of the new job, new love, new success, NEW-ANYTHING.

Weare wired to love what we already know, that is why people love their routines so much, fear comes with going where uncertainty is and the brain HATES that. Our reptile mind (there is actually such a thing) just wants our survival — it does not care for more than that, fulfillment? no thanks, just survival.

So many people get stuck in this survival-fear not realizing that is just takes some discipline to silence the reptile mind. How? by DOING things that scare the shit out of you, constantly.

When fear reaches a peek it will vanish, the question is how much of it are you willing to work with? that determines how far you’ll go, how brave you are.

Disappointment is for the brave

Disappointment is another coat that wraps other feelings:

It takes a lot to get disappointed in something or someone: it takes trust, it takes vulnerability and the ability to engage your heart and invest it into something.

If you ever got disappointed it is because you loved, believed, worked and yet did not get the outcome you wanted.

But does that erase the fact that you believed, worked and loved?

We get disappointed when we forget that wholeheartedness leaves nobody empty handed. If you loved and lost, you’ll be wise. If you worked and lost, you’ll be knowledgeable. If you believed and lost, you’ll be insightful.

You’ll be better because you dared greatly.

And those who dare greatly — when they do not get to the moon — they land somewhere very close.

So take off the emotion-coats under which your true feelings hide.

Take pride in how far you’ve come, then move on

It is a journey.