Are You Ready To Die?

 RIP Avicii -

Dear Ones,

Do you ever think life could end at 28? life could end at 18, 10?

Because it does.

It just did for the wonderful Avicii - but he did not betray his life's purpose, and even in a short visit to this world, he dared accomplish his destiny.

But what about the rest of us? are you ready to die?

Ponder this for a little bit.

Are you ready to die?

Are you really doing what you're meant to be doing?
Are you surrounded by people you want to be surrounded with?
Has the pain of saying NO to yourself ever become bigger than the pain of saying NO to others?

You might disappoint your mom, dad, fake friends, but are you ready to not disappoint yourself?

Life is not a simulation of life, life is actual living, society pushes so many to actually just simulate a so called living that seems admirable, you know, decorated from the outside.

But that decoration becomes your jail cell, and often times that jail cell is where most people die without ever experiencing their existence fearlessly.

I - too - tried the "simulation of life" thing to remain loved by family and friends who wanted an image of me, not the real me.

I let them all go, gained myself, and some of them returned because some actually won't care about anything but your inner joy.

Be ashamed to die until you have scored some advancement for humankind, any kind of advancement.

Write, sing, dance, do engineering, do business, make cakes, whatever that thing is that you do like nobody else can, please do it and do it now. Perfection is an illusion and all procrastination is FEAR.

I honor the one in you that never settles,

Go be your highest self.