"How Do I Create?"

I got the same question 3 times this week:
How can I create? I want to, but can't. Because (insert all life problems) - that is why.

Been there done that kidos.

Here's what I experimented with: JOY.

Try Joy.

Overdose on it.

Say I COMMIT TO JOY until you believe it, until you cry because you believe it.

Spoil yourself, joy is the fuel of creativity, the more you have, the further you'll go.

Joy does not like: toxic people, toxic thoughts, lack of sleep and fast food.

I am real you guys, those things and joy don't mix.

Spoil yourself with refined things, almost like eating but for the soul, choose only the most beautiful things to look at. become a filter to anything that does not help your creativity-rocket take off. Stand up for your Self. Stand up for it, feed it until it surpasses your "omg I am so small" self, until you become rooted and in the know of who you are.

Then, Rise.