Why The Future Of Business Is Personal

I spent 7 years schooling myself before I could write a post like this one.

I was in Paris, working on branding a Tech Summit with my Marketing Of Why. But my heart always seemed to have a new longing.

I write, I create travel residency experiences for a bunch of amazing minds, but I also want to talk to people, so I wanted to keep my podcast, I wanted to remain an artist, so I wanted to write. I wanted to have time to dance, sing, paint and learn new exciting skills so I can always make my Creations better.

I ended up with 3 websites, and it was always growing: do I need a website for the podcast alone? the travel alone? the marketing alone? what about my writings?

I must have had 100 calls with 20 different mentors. But this seemed like a decision they wanted me to take alone.

I sat down and thought deeply about it: the problem was that, my projects always came from my deepest self. And since they all came from the same source, they all were interconnected.

More than that, I realized people don’t only interact with Why you do things, but overtime when the why has become clear to them, they buy the WHO does these things. Yep, they buy Who.

It hit me, as most startups are focused on becoming bigger companies, more impersonal, more money, less time for any personal creation, because now the Founder is 6 degrees of separation away from the core of his/her business.

I did not want that to happen to my creation, I cared too much.

Also, I realized this: I was not alone on this path. More and more people who devoted their lives to a higher purpose are moving into a more personal kind of creation, more personal business. In a way, the lines between business and life become blurred, work and play become one and your “customers” are really just your friends, believers, mentors and extended family of amazing brave like-minded people.

“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.” 
― Seth GodinTribes: We Need You to Lead Us

These people will buy WHO and Why. Because for small businesses, the who also matters. In Tech startups where the Who would often times be a disaster, most just hire a great marketer to put make up on it.

That is not why we started you guys.

Some join for the thrill alone

Some join for the promise of wealth

And some, join because they’re born to create. We’re born for these times. These are the people I believe in and admire.

I wanted to share with you why now all of my creation is under www.imanebensalem.com