Do you want to open your heart (but don’t know how)?

Are your relationships dissatisfying (or non-existant)?

Do you wish your feelings were oriented to make you successful rather than stuck?

If any of the above is true, it’s time to shift your heart/feelings to transform your life.


  • Having awareness to empower feelings that are a joy to cultivate and maintain
  • Becoming conscious of your energy levels and where to invest them 
  • Aligned, intimate relationship(s) with room for evolution that do not waste your time/energy but help you be a better you
  • A deep sense of belonging; in your home, your community, and the world at large

Your ability + willingness to create Heart Shift is the doorway to all this(and so much more)… You CAN do this!

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Want to get braver with your heart in playful ways that will actually create the life that is perfect for YOU?


Experience our inspiring and fun-filled online course designed to boost your courage to shift your emotional patterns. This isn’t your average virtual class. Our heart-shifting lessons include reflective rituals, family/friends involvement, and poetic play practices designed to awaken your heart (and the rest of you, too).

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