Are you saying, “Yes,” to situations, relationships or commitments that don’t serve you?

Is logic (or guilt) constantly overriding your instincts?

Do you notice that inner NO, but you decide to do it anyway (and suffer the consequences)?

Do you keep delaying your real goals out of fear of failure or judgement?

If any of the above is true, it’s time to shift your mind.


  • Not relying on other people telling you what your guides are saying
  • Being clear about your direction and confident in your choices
  • Actually believing what your inner voice is telling you 
  • Enjoying (but not needing) external validation(and so much more)…

Shifting your Mind can bring you all this 

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Want to shift your mind in order to build your intuitive muscles in playful ways and see practical results?


Experience an inspiring and inviting online course designed with you in mind. This isn’t your average virtual “classroom”. This space is sacred and inspiring. Our shift strengthening lessons use ritualstools, and shift practices designed to awaken your intuitive abilities.