Hey, Triber ! Looking for an adventure where you can explore both your inner AND outer landscapes? Where the soul and heart are honored and your human self is deeply supported? If you’ve been feeling creatively dry, overwhelmed, anxious, or apathetic, come join us and restore balance to your system and nourish your being. We offer shift adventure residencies throughout the year. These wonderful immersions are deeply healing, inspiring, and invigorating. Oh and yes, you get to work remotely, you won't lose a wink of effectiveness!

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"My Tribe Of Why Residency was one of the most incredible and life changing experiences of my life, and Mani and the people attending were hands down the most phenomenal guides throughout the entire process.”

- Monique b., Vancouver


Traveling solo? with a friend, partner, family member? or are you a team that wants to revive its magic? We have something for everyone. Whether you can join on fixed dates or custom dates, the shift happens throughout the year and we cater for everyone.

get your private flat, sim card, access to a vibrant co-working (which offers free endless mint teas/coffee and WiFi is basically our non-negotiable) 

get introduced properly to the new country, to its food, culture, spiritual practices and wisdom

yoga, bio food and mindfulness are daily practices in all of our residencies.

expect your stay to be a perfect balance between your remote work and your life design:

A mixture of:  Mind Shift  |  Heart Shift | Action Shift | Celebration

Our residency is a creative-lifestyle system made with the best Sufi wisdom and science. It's put together to make you think, feel and live different so you can carry the shift home.

Ready to start shifting?

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